My name is Chelsea. The “Evolution of a Farmer Blog” was started as a way to document my foray into the life of farming. In 2009, I found myself jumping straight into the life of a “farmer”, with no real “farm” experience. While I had always wanted a horse, and maybe a small farm with room for a garden and some equine companions for my horse, I never anticipated starting out on such a large scale. My husband built his farm, and in the pursuit of my lifelong dream of horse ownership (meaning I am now owned by a horse, or 3), we stumbled upon each other. I was instantly drawn to my husband’s fun, creative personality.

Becoming a farmer has been a challenge, but a welcome and enjoyable one. I didn’t go to college and a few incomplete years of law school thinking that this is where I’d end up. This is a far cry from the peaceful home in the country I envisioned in my future. I thought I’d have a job in an office setting, and get up early and feed my horses, go to work, and then go feed them at night and ride sometime in between. I didn’t think my life would be dedicated to their care and keeping. This amazing adventure is all because my husband, who is not your average horse enthusiast (okay… so he’s not a horse enthusiast at all, really) happens to be here. I spend more time contemplating the nutritional values of our horse’s diets than I do my own. I’ve embraced it and, true to my enthusiasm for education and growth, have put my all into learning the “ins and outs” of farming. I love it. I’m learning it, and constantly striving to improve what we do here. From becoming a therapeutic riding instructor, starting a non-profit to provide riding services to those living in Genesee county who could benefit from them, to gardening and managing a farm with 16+ horses at any given time… you will find my stumbles, corrections and triumphs documented here!

I hope you enjoy following my blog! I look forward to responding to any questions and input!


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