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What to expect at your first dressage show


Good to know! Thanks for sharing!!!

A Horse and a Half

So I wanted to write this post for Melinda, who is going to her very first dressage show this weekend. I know that some of these things sound silly, but I didn’t start riding dressage all that long ago and I remember all the things I didn’t know my first time around. I hope that this post is helpful and feel free to comment and add if you think of it or ask questions if you want to know something!

1) The classic dressage look is all white and black. You can visit my post on dressage show apparel here. If you are a hunter and already have tall field boots, beige breeches, and a navy coat I would recommend just wearing that your first time out with a white shirt and stock tie. Save your money if you are not sure dressage is the right thing for…

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