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More Spring Around the Farm


The last few days have been BEAUTIFUL around the farm! I mean… despite the mud. Honestly, even the mud isn’t that bad!

Lilac buds against the blue sky!

I have been useless the past few days, except for the part where I’ve run around taking photos of everything in my wake. I had minor surgery on Tuesday (all went well), and have a 10lb lifting restriction until next Tuesday. The first day of doing nothing was a welcome “break”… the last few, however, have been exceptionally boring. Until today šŸ™‚

Today, I tagged along to my friend’s lesson with our trainer, Dorothy. A welcome change of scenery! I soooooooo longed to ride – unfortunately, along with the lifting ban, I’ve also been instructed to not even HANDLE the horses, much less ride them! Ugh. I’m counting the days… THREE left!

Anyhow – here is a picture of my friend’s horse (please excuse his glowing eyes)… check out that beautifully shiny new egg-butt snaffle, and his snappy new bridle! Whoo-hoo! My friend, an experienced equestrian, is transitioning from a life of mostly Western riding and Barrel Racing to my sport of choice – Dressage (an English discipline). Yay! Moose (the horse) was a little upset at being disturbed from his warm, sunshine-drenched slumber… hence the grumpy expression.

Moose and his new tack!

Spring tends to be muddy, but the last few days have been wonderful – the ground was mostly sticky-mud, as opposed to soppy-mud! What is the difference between sticky-mud and soppy-mud? I’ll be glad to educate you!

  • Sticky-Mud
    • Sticks to the soles of your shoes (especially shoes with tread)
    • Has a “play dough” texture
    • Firm enough to stand on, however, if you decide to run about, be prepared – the stopping will likely result in a slippery-sliding-stumbling mess.
  • Soppy-Mud
    • Sucks your whole leg in, up to your knee*
    • Oozes from your boots/pants/legs… or wherever it touches you
    • * = You are likely to loose your boot or shoe… or may even loose your balance and be swallowed whole by the stuff… Uck. Just… uck.

    By the way… those are technical terms, so don’t go throwing them about lightly. šŸ˜‰

“What do you mean, ‘EWWWWW MUD’? Come out here and give it a roll, it’ll be GREAT, I promise!”

My husband and my horse – an unlikely pair!

Miss Tink caught me sitting down on the job, and came over for a pat.

And, this was the beautiful sunset this evening as my husband brought the horses in! ā¤


Spring is (almost) here!


The last few days around the farm have been divine! It has been so warm that I happily wandered about without a coat – a heavy fleece jacket was all I needed! Yay!

Last evening, after my lesson was finished, I decided to rummage around in the flower bed nearest the front entrance… somewhere beneath the strange, alien weeds that grow during the winter (????) is a little section of Muscari (often referrered to as “Miniature Grape Hyacinth”). Guess what! There were beautiful little sprigs of newly sprouting bulbs! SPRING IS HERE!

I don’t believe what any weather man or almanac tells me (they are never right) – my little flowers are clear indicators that Spring is very much on its way in! Not to mention, my husband saw his first Robin yesterday (I didn’t see a Robin, but IĀ did see a nesting pair of Downy Woodpeckers while on the Flint River Trail walking). I’m smiling really big as I type this šŸ™‚

It’s raining today… which is okay. It gives me an opportunity to finish a few inside things that have been neglected since the pretty weather outside hit šŸ™‚ Like, assembling the next-to-the-stove shelf that I decided to build from scratch. Heh.

Enjoy the beginnings of Spring!