Monthly Archives: August 2012

Pre-Fall Morning



It has been quite a while since I’ve posted! I woke up quite early today (I know, I know: I’m a farmer, “early” should be my middle name. It’s not.). While the coffee was brewing, I grabbed the camera and stumbled groggily outside to soak up the early a.m. ambiance.

It was glorious! Actually made me wonder why I don’t do this more!

This morning, there was a brisk fall chill in the air. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year…although it directly precedes winter, I choose to focus on the positives 🙂 To me, fall symbolizes a preparation for new growth (I know, this is contrary to the popular idea that Spring symbolizes new growth). It is a time to fully absorb all that has been accomplished, and plan for the future. Fresh apples (okay, so this year, there are literally absolutely ZERO apples on the local trees – makes me sad), apple cider, donuts, squash, pumpkins, fall leaves. I LOVE it!