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This will be brief! I didn’t murder the hostas, after all! I dug them up last Fall and divided them into smaller sections and moved the around. After seeing everyone else’s hostas growing fervently, I figured that my first attempt at “dividing” perennials had gone awry.

Today, while headed out the door, I happened to look down and noticed several purple leaf-rolls popping through the soil! Yay!


Windy Day


Today began as a beautiful overly windy day. As of now, it has turned into a gray, blustery day. What better weather to spend a few minutes updating the blog?

The chicks and turkeys have all grown immensly. The turkeys are about half the size of a full-grown chicken already! The chicks, well… they are about a fifth the size they will be as adults yet.

I have not spent much time in the garden this year. I have gone out here and there to check the growth of the perennials that were planted. There will eventually be a beautiful alley of peonies – I planted several last year, and after a few of them wilted off, I thought only one survived. I was wrong! Imagine my surprise when I went out and discovered not one, but four beautiful little peonies sprouting!

One of the peonies is from my husband’s mother’s garden – it was accidentally brought over in a large clump of Iris’ that Eric brought over in a box. I wriggled it loose and planted it separate from the Iris’. I can’t wait to see it when it blooms – I know Matt is very happy to have it. He has mentioned several times how poppies and peonies are flowers that make him think of his mother, as she had them growing around her house.

Other things that have sprouted? The asparagus came back, although we still can’t harvest it for another year. I’m not sure if it will turn into the beautiful ferns that it offered up last year, however – the tips wilted after a few frosty nights. The rhubarb is growing beautifully. The grape vines have also developed buds, and I’m hoping that it grows a bit faster this year. A beautiful little succulent that Tom and Rosemary shared with us has hit the “jump” phase in it’s perennial life cycle (“sleep, creep, jump” – I think that is how it goes?). It has developed several little “offshoots”.

Lavender that I planted in a hill last year is filling back in nicely. A pretty ruby red lily that my grandmother gave to me last year is also growing, as is a clump of lilies that Matt’s uncle George (from whom he bought the farm) had planted years ago.

I divided the hostas last fall, and apparently killed them all as none have resurfaced this Spring, darn it! The astilbe that I divided, however, is growing beautifully in six different places along the front of the barn. I love the tiny white cascading flowers.

Four of the blackberry bushes that Tom and Rosemary gave to us survived being transplanted, too! Greg and Linda gave us several pretty purple lilac bushes, and all four that we planted survived and are even flowering! The lambs-ear that they gave to us is also coming back, along the border of the perennial garden.

Mason planted a willow tree with Grandpa last summer, from a branch harvested from the tree Matt himself had started when the barn was built. Matt’s tree is almost as tall as the barn, and Mason’s is growing in – about two inches tall! The original branch was from a willow tree near the homestead (Uncle George’s house), and Matt took a cutting and planted it at his log cabin. From the log-cabin tree, he planted the one here at the farm… and now Mason has one!


I think that the herb garden is going to be roto-tilled under this year – I will dig up the lavender, lemon thyme, lemon balm, garlic chives, onion chives and oregano to replant. I had not really thought out that portion of the garden, and just planted things hap-hazardly when we put it in. It is now completely overrun with grass, and at this point I believe the best solution will be to salvage what I can and start over. Also – while I love chamomile tea, the chamomile plants that I planted have completed taken over that end of the garden! Their whispy leaves are starting to pop up everywhere!

I really love that our garden is so full of friends and family, and we are very grateful 🙂