I was thoroughly enjoying the moderate temperatures we were having, and I hope they return soon!

Matt isn’t feeling well today, so I went out into the whirling winds and snow to take care of the horses on my own. I got it done in 1 hour and 5 minutes, from the time I went outside to the time I came in! I considered stopping for a “warming” break in between turning the horses out and filling the water tanks, but I was afraid that once I came in, it would take much effort to get back out there 🙂

I will be going to finalize my contact lens prescription this afternoon. I am SOOOO excited! As small as they are, my glasses just tend to get in the way and are uncomfortable most of the time.

Stay warm, everyone! Hot coffee, hot cocoa, chicken noodle soup, a heated blanket… whatever it takes! Winter is here!


About Chelsea

Hostler extraordinaire! Wife of an unintentional "horse farmer". Never a dull moment on the farm! We are home to 16 beautiful horses, ranging from two "A" minis, to a nearly 17hh, but quite svelte Saddlebred. We also maintain a seasonal organic garden that we hope gets better each year! It started with 72 failed tomato seedlings two years ago - I promptly went to the store and bought 32 "started" plants. Oops - I didn't know better! We've transitioned between types and amounts of veggies in the garden - I still havn't found that magical balance, but it is hugely rewarding and fun experience! So far, my gardening faves include tomatoes, squash (any variety, really - although I especially enjoyed the "Patty Pan" or "Flying Saucer" variety), cucumbers, peppers and peas. We are blessed to count our group of boarders as dear friends and we all work together here like extended family. Their friendship makes our job much more enriching. We love being farmers and carrying on an American tradition! I hope you enjoy this autobiography documenting the evolution of a city girl-turned-farmer! I always thought it would be nice to have a small farm with room for a handful of horses, some chickens (for eggs) - and, this... this is a lot more than I had hoped for or could have anticipated being a part of. I didn't go to school to be a farmer, but, I'm learning as I go!

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