Monthly Archives: July 2011



This blog post is quite a bit overdue! Hmm… so much has happened.


Well, since I’d already introduced this blog to our chickens, I will start there. Late last month, I went out to do morning chores to find all but one of our chickens dead. Foxes. The new babies had been turned out with the big chickens for 4 days and they were mercilessly murdered for sport by a family of foxes that lives on the creek near our farm. It was  sad day. Now Tate and Stooge, the two ducks, are the guardians of one Rhode Island Red hen. They are locked into their coop everynight now.


After working quite diligently on improving my riding skills for over a year, I called NARHA (which is now known as “PATH International) and inquired about an extension to complete the video. They granted me a one month extension. I completed the required video of myself riding a pattern and sent it in – it was received in their office on July 18th, 2011. In 45-60 days, I should hear back and hopefully it will be with the good news that I am now a Registered Instructor for therapeutic riding!


I will try to remember to post pictures of the garden! We have harvested lettuce, beets, raddishes, an recently, tomato worms (ew, yuck).