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Rusty the Roo!


An update on the chicks – we were lucky to have recieved one Roo and 4 hens! The best part is that Rusty, the only one that we named, turned out to be a rooster! Here are some pictures fom the other day of my amazing husband, our dog Bill, George the cat and Rusty Roo!

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Ate fresh grown lettuce from the garden twice this week! Yum! It was so great, I planted another row! I believe that the radishes will be ready soon, too!


I am quite behind with planting squash and such. I will still try, but I’m not sure how it will turn out. We have a variety of peppers, including pablano, mammoth jalapeno (for stuffing, yummy!), and my favorite bell variety, “Blushing Beauty”. We have two types of eggplant, the standard “Black Beauty”, as well as an awesome heirloom variety called “Rosa Bianca” that is supposed to be significantly less bitter than other varieties. I planted celery for the first time.

the garden


Here are some pictures of the garden from the other day – when it was nearly 100* outside! It is really starting to take shape! I still have a bit of planting left to do, and I will update when the garden is fully “in”. Enjoy!

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After what seemed like weeks of extra-soggy weather, I have been able to really get into the garden again this week! The radishes, lettuce, peas, carrots, onions and beets are all doing beautifully! I can’t wait to harvest the lettuce and radishes!


It is terribly hot today – the horses are sweating just standing in their paddocks. I am definitely sunburnt from the work we’ve put in the last few days!


I’ve spent some time “redesigning” the garden, from what it was in years past. We are installing “permanent” beds, which will be easier to maintain. Ideally. I was very disappointed that I killed off all of my tomato seedlings. I had to go to the nursery and pick up some started plants to have some for this year. We ended up with a yellow grape variety, “black prince”, heintz, early girl, and an unintended “chocolate cherry”… which, when combining the word “chocolate cherry” with tomato, kind of makes me gag. We shall see how that “whoops” turns out!


I just planted cucumbers under the trellis! Lemon cucumbers and “sugar crunch” cucumbers – mmmmm! I was also lucky to find the eggplant varieties I was hoping to plant – “Rosa Bianca”, a pretty white-lavender variety that is supposed to have a less-bitter taste to it, and the standard “Black Beauty”. I have also planted purple bell pepper again, an early red bell, mammoth jalapenos (for poppers, of course), pablana peppers and sweet banana! Mmm.


Sadly, much of the garden is not truly organic – it was started under unknown circumstances at the greenhouses where I purchased them. I’m sure the process included non-organic fertilizer – but, at least from this point on they are organic!