Monthly Archives: April 2011

Garlic and Rain


I’ve spent a lot of time pondering our garden this year. I’ve spent just as much time getting excited about it! I was not excited when I realized that garlic bulbs were something like, $5 for 3 to plant. I had planted garlic last year and was very disappointed when the leaves turned yellow, then brown and died. I did not realize that this meant the garlic was ready to dig!

Fast forward to this Spring: that garlic from last year was never pulled. I assumed (wrongly) that the roots must have turned to mush. Nope, they were busy making more garlic!

Each day I look out in the garden become giddy thinking about all of the yummy plants, but this year, I’m especially nuts about the garlic. I love cooking with garlic, and it looks like last years garlic has presented us with many garlic plants to divide and grow! Yay!

However, as it is, the rain has been non-stop and the garden and the awesome paddock “stirred compost” are equal parts water and sludge. Ick.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when I can get out and start making our garden look like a garden!


Happy Easter!


Today is the “calculated” anniversary of the date that Jesus died on the cross so that all of our sins would be forgiven. Just the thought of that tears at my heart, and I am so grateful.

We spent the afternoon visiting with family. It was amazing and I love those times so much…

The baby chicks have begun flopping themselves ungracefully out of their grow-house. They will be graduating to the wire dog cage outside, or in the barn aisle, depending upon the weather tomorrow!

Chicken nipples and worm poop?


A few weeks ago I ordered 3 chicken automatic waterers – commonly referred to as “chicken nipples”. Ultimately, what it boils down to is the equivalent of a guinea pig waterer for chickens. I set one up yesterday for the chicks and was so pleased that they caught on in about 2 minutes. Once they discovered the little silver pin gave them a “treat” they went to town!

Another pleasant surprise was that the chickens have been busy laying eggs again… I’ve just been too busy to notice. It is the time of year where the coop needs to be cleaned out, and the chickens have been laying them on the floor. During the week we have to restore the nesting hay every few days… and this job has been neglected as of late. I am also going to be changing the bedding to wood shavings for them once the cleaning is done.

In the garden – I finished repotting several more of the tomatos… and I am hoping that the overwatered seedlings that I started come back around. In my research about overwatering, I discovered “compost tea”… which looks like more work than what I’m willing to put in currently. However, I went to the local feed and grain store and found “Earthworm Casting Tea Bags”. It is completely organic. We shall see how this works! I will be misting the tomatos with this ucky (think: worm poop) concoction. I’ve heard it helps give the plants more nutrients, and it is actually good on the leaves, too! I always thought that getting the leaves wet would cause problems… apparently I was wrong! Can’t wait to see how well it works!

Memorial Ride


The first show of the season is coming up, April 30, 2011 – May 1, 2011. I was initially very excited – this show is very laid back and just an overall learning and fun experience… no show clothes, no braiding, etc. Well, Saturday, the 3oth, I will be busy and unable to attend the show to participate because of a prior engagement.

However, Sunday, they will be having a “western” memorial ride, and if nothing else, I want to participate in that. I don’t normally ride Western. Thinking up embroidery designs to wear at the show to let people know why I’m riding… something with awareness ribbons and sparrows, I’m thinking. Hmmm…



This past week has been an awful one – On Monday of last week, my brother-in-law, Eric passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. While I hurt, having gotten to know and love Eric myself, I feel especially sad for my husband, who looked up to his older brother immensly and loved him even more. Eric was an incredible person with amazing talent as an artist and musician – all who knew him are blessed to have shared in his life.

My incredible brother-in-law, Eric... enjoying one of his several passions and talents - MUSIC!

Garden stuff…


I’m so excited to have found the “Lemon Cucumber” seeds I was seeking. I kept seeing them on the store shelves as soon as the seeds started coming out… and forgot to buy them. All the stores I saw them at had sold out! Finally found them at Tractor Supply.

Nursury hopping…


Some inspiring places to visit this Spring?

Grand Oak Herb Farm, in Bancroft:

Broken Silo Farm, also in Bancroft… looks rather colorful:

Will update as I find more… they still aren’t quite what I was hoping to find (heirloom, organic plants such as tomatoes and eggplants are what I’m seeking).